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Education Technology
Advisors to Senior School Leaders

Strategic IT planning for Schools, Reducing costs, Improving Education for all

About Us

What is RightICT?

Right ICT is lead by Royden Gothelf a Chartered IT Professional providing independent advice to school leaders on :

Being ready for new technologies in education - including AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Strategic Planning - Linking IT to whole school plans

Cost effectiveness of current IT - saving license costs

Procurement - Getting the best from suppliers 


What Our Clients Say

Project Management

Expertise invaluable in working with us on improving service and aligning stakeholders in the transformation to online learning 

School Business Manager,
Barnet Secondary School

Strategic Planning

The excellent advice gives us a platform for moving forward with a strategic view of IT development and Google Suite for Education

Head Teacher
Top Performing Girls State School

Cost Management

You are covering your own costs and more, saved 30% of costs, very insightful

Director Business Services
at London Local Authority


Our Clients

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